Rootin’ for Rhubarb

Growing up, my mom always had rhubarb growing in the garden.  I remember picking and chewing on it while I was outside playing. I am surprised at how many people have never tried or even heard of rhubarb.  At one point my mom bought some at the grocery store and a lady asked “What do you use THAT for?”  So I was surprised when I was at the grocery store last weekend and saw it.  It had been years since I had it and I just had to buy some to bake with.

Rhubarb looks similar to celery only purple.  It has a tart flavor that is paired nicely with strawberries or apples and makes great pies, cobblers and crisps as well.  I decided to buy some strawberries and hunt down a recipe to make.  I searched all of my baking books for recipes and there weren’t that many, so I went to (my go to place when I want a new recipe) and found a great one for Rhubarb Cobbler by member Jill Saunders.  I didn’t have enough rhubarb so I also used some strawberries.  It turned out great!  I think next time I will add more fruit to it.

So  next time you see this underutilized vegetable, buy it!  Make a wonderful springtime dessert with it and introduce other people to it’s wonderful flavor!


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