It’s Your Friday.

Hey there.  I have a secret… you may have heard it already.  Are you ready?

It’s Friday!

It’s finally here, and even though it’s not MY Friday (it’s technically my thursday and tomorrow will be my Friday) I still would like to celebrate with you.  Is that ok?  I hope it is because I already poured a glass of wine.

I know I haven’t given you guys any new recipes lately and I am working on that.  Until then, will a picture of sunflowers make you feel better?

Beautiful aren’t they?  This is what a good man will get for you.  A boy will get you that wildflower bouquet from the grocery store.  A man will get you sunflowers.  If your man gets you that grocery store bouquet, it’s ok, mine’s done it too, but  now he’s figuring it out.  Don’t worry, yours will figure it out too. (hints always work…actually, my husband tells me being direct works much better)

Hmm, maybe I should delete that last paragraph.  Nah.  Sometimes girls just need someone on their side.  I’m here for you sister.


“I’ve been thinking Hobbes –“
“On a weekend?”
“Well, it wasn’t on purpose…” ~ Calvin & Hobbes Quote


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