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Hey! Sorry for the lack of posting this week; man has it been crazy! I didn’t even get to bake anything, can you believe that? Well, I’d like (actually, LOVE) to show you what I’ve been so busy working on. Are you ready??

PEACE.LOVE.PASTRIES. has a new home and it’s own website!

Now, as you know I am a baker, not a web designer, so this has been a grueling month trying to learn how to build a website.

Thank you so much to Jacob Cox for pointing me in the right direction for where to even start.

Thank you David Nguyen for teaching me about coding, not getting annoyed by all my bazillion questions, and for being online to chat with whenever I needed you.

Thank you to my artistic husband, Jonny, for creating me an awesome logo!

And thanks to all my readers for following me through my journey. If I didn’t have that support, I would have never made the jump to my own URL.

If you are subscribed to this blog, please remember to subscribe at the new website so you can get all my new posts!

Much love,



Eating my way Down the East Coast (Part 2)

…and there we were, face to face with the biggest, slimiest, and ugliest creature we had ever seen.   Oh wait, that’s another story.

Back to the road trip!

Day 3 – Virginia Beach, VA

After a hike through the Norfolk Botanical Gardens we drove to the beach and had lunch at Catch 31 Fish House located inside the swanky Hilton hotel. We ordered the pretzel bread at the recommendations of online reviewers.  It did not disappoint with it’s fantastic mustard dipping sauce.

Which reminds me, I really need to make pretzels soon.

Day 4 – Wrightsville Beach, NC

We planned on driving straight through NC after we left Virginia Beach, but by 10:30pm that night we were in Wrightsville Beach, NC and tired.  We had a hard time finding a hotel since it was Labor Day weekend and ended up getting the last room at a smokey, run down hotel.  The next morning, Jon found a nice restaurant on the pier for us to have breakfast, called Oceanic.  We sat outside, taking in the fresh ocean air and were served these adorable (and warm) blueberry muffins while we waited for our breakfast.

Day 5 – Myrtle Beach, SC

When I wasn’t eating, I was either driving or being the passenger.  Being the passenger allowed me to get some blog time in, even if I did have guest bloggers (thanks again Elizabeth and Kent!)

Day 6 – Savannah, GA

We arrived in Savannah in the afternoon and let me tell you, it was hot and humid!  We walked along the river for a bit, made it through some old cemeteries (complete with a fire ant attack on my foot), and ducked into Huey’s, a cajun restaurant, just in time for it to pour.

I’m glad we found this little restaurant though, because I got to try fried green tomatoes for the first time.  They were fantastic; everything I imagined they would be.  It took everything in me not to raise my arms and yell, “TOWANDA!”

Day 7 – Leaving Savannah and heading for Miami

In case you are ever stuck with figuring out what to do in a strange city, always, ALWAYS check the NY Times “Travel” section articles entitled “36 Hours in…”  If it weren’t for the Savannah article I would have never found my dream bakery: Back in the Day Bakery.

Take a little trip inside with me, will you?

When you first walk in, you notice the case of goodies, of course.  Bread pudding, with bourbon?  Drool.

I’m not sure who Miss Hannah is, but her cookie sandwiches look lovely.

Then, you turn to your left and see this:

Yes. Please.  All of it.

Oh wait, we came here to eat right?

Sweet and crumbly; a perfect scone.

Look at the old scale!

It’s like someone went into my brain, took all my ideas, and made a real life place out of it.  I almost wanted to tell Jon that we couldn’t drive any further.  I just had to work there.  But, since that couldn’t happen, we bought a “drunken” blondie and hit the road, destined for our new home.

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for. -Epicurus

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and Moving..oh my.

Just a quick post while I’m waiting for my coffee to kick in…

All I have to say is that Jon and I are going out with a bang!

Eathquakes and Hurricanes all in one week!

The EARTHQUAKE happened while I was in the midst of packing.  I felt something under my feet but had no clue what it was and then I saw the TV, computer, and speakers shaking.  I thought maybe I stepped on a lose board to make them shake.  I grabbed the TV to steady it and then I got a text from my husband asking me if the house shook.  So I knew he felt something at work too.  My first thought was a gas line explosion because they are doing gas work and Jon’s work is close to home.  Then I heard someone run outside and scream “Earthquake!”  I couldn’t believe it.  Everyone was buzzing about it the next few days.

The HURRICANE had been talked about all week of course, but weather always changes so no one knew what to believe.  By Friday, when we found out the MTA was shutting down the subways, we started to get concerned.  Our city started asking people to evacuate and even put a ban on driving for Saturday night into Sunday.  Let’s just say that the best way to get packing done is when you think a giant hurricane is coming.  I’ve never packed so fast in my life!  We wanted to get it all off our floor because we are in a ground level apartment.  Saturday afternoon we drove to a friends house who lives farther inland and stayed with them.  (Thank you, Chris and Megan, for letting us stay with you!) I couldn’t sleep that night because they wind and rain was loud.  We woke up the next morning and it was silent.  A few trees were down and power was out in half of the house.  We found out the eye was right over us.  We decided to head home and see if there was any damage.  We had a few obstacles, road closures from flooding and downed trees, but it was a lot easier than we expected.  We arrived home to a dry house!  We got lucky because a lot of people around us had water in their basements.  Here a few pics I took around the neighborhood:

The wind really picked up after the eye passed over!  I read that most of the hurricane related deaths were from tree branches falling on people.

This tree fell after we had already arrived home.  It landed about 50ft from our car.  Phew!

Lots of leaves everywhere!

I have more pictures on my camera but unfortunately the cord’s packed up so maybe I’ll post them when I’m in Miami.  Only 3 more days of packing left!  Better get to it!

P.S. Soon we will have a guest blogger but bear with me!  Her basement wasn’t so lucky!

P.P.S.  Don’t tell my husband that I posted, he’s going to ask why I wasn’t packing (Love you honey!)

You do not have to be a hurricane, to turn things around. -Loesje

The Grand Finale

I’m sure you have noticed the lack of recipes on this so called “food” blog.

There’s a good explanation for this and it’s actually the last thing in my list of the supposed “million” things I need to tell you.

Pack your bikini because things are about to get a whole lot more tropical…


Yup, that’s right, at the end of this month, my husband and I will be driving down the coast to our new home in Miami.  I hope you like a lot of citrus fruits because you might be seeing them pop up in my recipes.

Now, while I’m super excited to be starting a new adventure, I am still going to miss all the craziness that is New York and New Jersey.  Over the winter I was dying to be somewhere tropical.  When we visited Hawaii earlier this year we just knew it felt right to be somewhere in the sun, but now that it’s truly happening I’m starting to think of all the things I am going to miss!

I feel like I’m going through a break up.

Me: It was great while it lasted, but I think we need to see other people.  I just want more excitement in my life.  Your seasons are always changing and you go from steaming hot to bitter cold in a day.  I never know what to expect.  And frankly, you kind of smell when you get hot and can be down right rude.  Also, there’s someone else.  And he’s warm.  He’ll never make me walk 8 blocks in 2 ft of snow and he also smells nice.

NY: Fine, I will be just perfect without you.  My life will go on, and I will not change just because you asked me to.

*A week passes*

Me:  I’ve been thinking.  I’m not sure I can do this.  I didn’t mean those things I said.  I love you.  I love your pizza, I love your history, I love OUR history. I love the way the sun shines on your skyline.  I love the colors of your leaves in Central Park in the fall.  I love the spot where Jon proposed and the amazing Highline and the Rockefeller tree.  I love your musicals, ballets, and parades.  But most of all, I love the beautiful people I have met that live in and around this unique city.

Ok, I’m getting mushy and let’s just blame it on the wine.

But I really do love you, New York.  There is really something special about you that I will miss.  And yes, NJ, I love you too.  I know I don’t give you enough credit, but I really believe that I live in the best city in NJ!

Oops..was getting all sappy again.  Sorry.  Maybe I need to wrap this up.

So I hope you will be forgiving if my posts are few and far between for the next few weeks.  I have mucho packing (I’m practicing my Spanish, can’t  you see?) and lots of amigos to spend time with before we leave.  I’m hoping to have a guest blogger or two in the mean time, but I will be taking tons of pictures along the way down that I hope to share with you on here and on my Facebook page.  Which reminds me, if you’re not following P.L.P. on Facebook or Twitter then you’re totally missing out.  Head over there and Do. It.Now!

Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts. -Arnold Bennett

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