Birthday genoise cake

Today we are havin a BBQ for Jon’s birthday. Even though I’m a vegetarian I absolutely love grilling out.. Boca burgers and Smart Dogs are delicious on the grill!
So anyway, back to the best part, dessert! I made a genoise birthday cake. Genoise is a typically dry cake made mostly from eggs with a bit of cake flower and cornstarch. Because of it’s dryness you have to “soak” each layer with a simple syrup mixture which gives it moistness and flavor. By “soak” I mean dipping a brush in the syrup mixture then patting it on the cake until it looks moist.
For my cake I soaked each layer in a simple syrup and rum mix then put a stripe of strawberry preserves then a layer of vanilla rum buttercream on top. For finishing I sliced strawberries and put them around the sides of the cake.
This cake is extremely rich and you really only need a tiny slice to satisfy your sweet tooth.


The Graduate!

Guess who just finished culinary school?  That’s right…yours truly!

Last week was so busy between making gum paste roses (for over 8 hours in one sitting), completing my special occasion cake, and saying “Adios” to all my culinary friends at our ceremony.  To top it off, I had my last day of work outside the culinary world.  Now I am completely devoting my time and energy to baking.  Ok, ok…and wedding planning.

Here’s a close up of my finished cake.  It’s yellow cake with vanilla buttercream, layered with fondant.  The flowers are all made with gum paste and by me!  The piping is royal icing  and the “rope” border is fondant as well.

Hopefully you will be seeing some new posts from me more frequently…even if it is just to say “Hello.”

“There is no way to peace.  Peace is the way”

-A. J. Muste

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