Cupcake Camp NYC

Last Friday was the 2nd annual Cupcake Camp NYC.  It is a social gathering where you can bring and eat cupcakes for free.   No need to be a professional baker or even know how to bake!   You can bring store bought cupcakes if you like as well.  Check out to find a city near you that will be or has hosted one.
This year it was held at Happy Ending Lounge in the Lower East Side.   I was running a bit late so when I showed up the line was around the block! Luckily I baked cupcakes which gave me VIP access and skipped me to the front of the line.  I never thought I’d get to be one of those girls..he he.   Thank god I actually brought the cupcakes because I had so many difficulties with them that I thought about leaving them at home.
I made the chai cupcakes again but for some reason they weren’t rising. I doubled the recipe so I’m thinking maybe I miscalculated something.  I baked some more which turned out better.  Then when I was making my buttercream, the fat start separating from my butter which I’m sure was because my kitchen was over 80 degrees! I stuck the frosting in the fridge and then rewhipped it which helped.  I had my fiance and friend try them to decide whether I should take them and they agreed I should.

I brought 17 cupcakes and they were gone within the first 10 minutes.  In case you are wondering about the shirt I’m wearing, it’s a Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt  that says “Make Cupcakes Not War.”  He has a lot of different designs to choose from, check him out!

Cupcake camp is also a great place to network.  There will lots of people with business cards and even some people selling knitted cupcakes, bumper stickers and cook books  Maybe I’ll see you there next year!

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