Key West Bakeries

I’m in Key West for the weekend! The island is beautiful, but unfortunately the air is a bit chilly. It’s ok though, now I have an excuse to find nice warm bakeries to dip into.
I’m sitting at Island Joes’s right now which is located on Fleming Street. It has the island feel, with a laid back owner sporting his long pony tail and khaki shorts and the counter boy with dreads. I got here right as they opened and right as their delectible puff pastries were coming out of the oven! There are so many flavors to choose from: chocolate, white chocolate, apple, and everything in between. I chose the strawberry banana kiwi (just to stick with the island theme.)

The pastry was nice and flaky (and still warm!) The fruit was a bit tart and I’m thinking maybe a little sugar added when cooking the fruit would help. Of course I also ordered and chai latte, and I must say that it is up there on my list of best chai!

I definitely recommend this place to any out of towner visiting the island of Key West. I hear they are also known for their coffee!

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