Ok, I have been slacking. Between starting culinary school, the holidays and trying to plan my wedding, the blog has been on the back burner. Well IT’S ALL GONNA CHANGE! Even though I swore that I wasn’t going to make any New Year resolutions, I did. I’m going to make sure I update my blog more often. So you better hold me to it.
So today was my second day back in class since the holiday break. We made Puff Pastry dough (hand rolled and machine rolled) I must say, I have built some good arm muscles while beating the dough with a rolling pin. Which now puts me in shape for my wedding dress! With some of the dough we made Apple Strips. Don’t they deserve a more fancier name than that??

I’m doing this on my iphone for the first time ever, maybe I can figure out how to include a picture. We’ll see. Well, back to lunch!

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