Sunday Breakfast

Every Sunday that I have off work, my fiance and I have breakfast.  We call it our “Sunday Morning Breakfast.”  It’s our time together to relax, reflect on the week, and discuss our plans for the week ahead.  Well, usually I do the discussing and he just wants to read the paper, but either way I look forward to it every week.

This morning we went to Beechwood Cafe on Grove St. in Jersey City.  We hadn’t been there in a while, but I really enjoy it every time we go.  They have a great weekend brunch with a little bit of everything to choose from: granola and yogurt to biscuits and gravy, and even egg sandwiches.  You enter through a coffee shop/gift shop, walk into the next room and you’re in the dining area.  They are on the corner with big windows on to walls.  In the summer they have outdoor seating, which I really enjoy.

Today I ordered a caramel latte, which is my drink of choice at any cafe/coffee shop that I go to.  I love the heart that was made with the foam in my cup!  It brought a smile to my face and let me know I was going to have a wonderful day!

To eat I had a Sante Fe Breakfast Burrito (one of my faves.)  It has egg, cheese, guacamole, sour cream,salsa wrapped in a tortilla and served with a salsa verde on top.  It’s so filling that I could only eat half.  I also ordered a blueberry muffin to go because I had yet to try any of their pastries.  The top was more square than round which seems to be a common thing to see now a days; I think it gives a more rustic look to the muffins.  I enjoyed it later in the day.  It pretty good, but a little hard.  I prefer my muffins to be soft and moist.  This was a little more dry, but still delicious.


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