Chocolate and Sugar Sculptures, OH MY!

So it’s been a while since I wrote….yes, I have been neglecting my small but loved following on here.  Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about you guys!  There’s only a few weeks of school left and it has been wearing me out!

We just completed our chocolate (and sugar) sculptures which took about a week to complete.  It had many requirements including: must be at least 12” tall, made of at least 50% chocolate, 100% edible, and it also had to have certain elements such as molded sugar, molded chocolate, and painted pieces.

I don’t know if any of you watch Food Network Challenge, but if you do you will know that this is no easy fete.  Tempering the chocolate itself can be a daunting task.  Tempering means to melt the chocolate, cool it, and then raise the temperature back up.  Sound easy enough, but it’s not.  You can’t just raise it and cool it to any temperature you wish; there are specific guidelines you must follow.  In the case of dark chocolate, you melt it to about 110-120, cool it to 85 and then raise the temp back to 91 (make sure you don’t go over 91 or you must start the process all over again.)  You can then use the chocolate as you wish and when it cools it will be stronger than if you just melted it and used it without the tempering.

I could go on about the tempering process since it has been drilled into my head for the past week or two, however, I could be sitting at my laptop for hours trying to do this.  Instead, I’ll just show you my finished project:

It’s not the best picture since it was taken with my phone.  Hopefully I can get my camera hooked up soon to load the better pic.  It’s an abstract piece with a musical theme.  It is entirely made of chocolate and sugar (minus the purple base which is a cake board covered with foil.)  There were lots of great sculptures in my class and I will try to post those soon as well.

Have a peaceful rest of the weekend! (Spring will be here next weekend..woo hoo!)


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